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The project will include lectures, public lectures, discussions, presentations and other formats of events. Modern Russian designers who create clothes, accessories, furniture, dishes, decor elements, interiors will tell about their projects and try to answer the question: what is the "Russian style" and what does this concept mean personally for them?


Alexander McQueen is one of the most outstanding designers of the late 1990s and early 2000s. He went down in history as the brightest rebel, bully and provocateur. And also as the greatest tailor with the richest imagination. Each of his things is unique - cut, details, embroidery, fabric stuffing. He did not just create clothes, he told the story, expressed his attitude to what was happening around. His collection - about him, about his thoughts, feelings, experiences. This is a world built according to its own laws. And in his own way he is perfect.


On the 7th of October at the Center for Fashion and Design begins the course "Culture of production and consumption of clothing." Each participant will be able to make a piece of clothing made of organic cotton with his own hands, with a manual study of the textile composition.