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Folk Wood and Birch Bark Carving and Painting
The collection of products authored by folk masters is unique and diverse. It comprises spinning wheels, washing bats, washing boards, household dishware and other utensils, glass for the production of gingerbreads and hand printing blocks for textile crafts. These objects made in wood, birch bark, wicker were decorated with carving, painting, inlay, embossing. Every region had its own individual motifs and decoration style.
Artistic Bone Carving. XVII-early XX Centuries
The tradition of artistic bone carving is presented by artworks performed both in the oldest bone-carving craft centers, such as Kholmogory, Chukotka and Yakutia, and in the younger ones, Tobolsk and Khotkovo. The collection offers a comprehensive picture of Russian bone-carving in all its variety of artistic styles, images, brilliant uniqueness of ethnic art, and diverse technologies used in bone processing: relief, exquisite lace-like chiseled ornaments, sculpture, colored engraving.
Artistic Furniture. XVIII-XX Centuries
The collection of furniture comprises the best samples of furniture craft in Russia from the XVIII – mid XX centuries. The museum is especially proud of its collection of furniture in the Russian Revival style from the late XIX – early XX centuries produced by the studios of Abramtsevo, Talashkino, Sergiev Posad, inherited from the Crafts Museum, unprecedented in its fullness and artistic quality.
Worship Sculpture and Folk Icons
A comparably small, but very interesting collection of the folk icons of the XVII – early XX centuries comprises works by masters of icon painting from the Russian North, the lands of South Russia and Central Russia. The Museum has a wonderful collection of wood temple sculpture and a superb collection of small chiseled plastics produced by craftsmen of Sergiev Posad and Kiev.
Wood Toys and Sculpture
A superb collection of the Russian wood toy comprises both the traditional archaic toys produced by the craftsmen of the Russian North, and the urban toys manufactured by the famous masters of Sergiev Posad and Bogorodskoye. Well-known works by Ryzhov and Chushkin are a pride of the collection.