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Textile / Carpets and Tapestry


Vrubel, Mikhail Aleksandrovich

author of the draft


Moscow Gubernia, Spaso-Setun Carpet Manufactory Company

КП 4378, ТГ 53

Wool; handweaving

80 х 253 cm

Textile Department

Czar Saltan tapestry is a unique piece of decorative art. It was made after the original design of the great Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. M.A. Vrubel created two matching drawings - Czar Saltan and Swan Princess. Today they are exhibited in Tretyakov gallery.

The tapestry was manufactured by the Partnership of Spaso-Setunskaya Carpet Factory in 1903. It is interesting to know that the carpet was woven while the author was still alive. This is the only item manufactured during the life of M.A. Vrubel after his design. The carpet excellently reflects the finest details of the great artist's work.

The composition is inspired by a tale written by A.S. Pushkin and depicts the scene of a feast. Czar Saltan sits at the head of the table surrounded by guests and two sisters. The composition is full of light pastel shades, just as the artist intended.