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Lacquered miniature / Soviet and Contemporary Lacquer Crafts


Markichev Ivan Vasilevich



КП 10141/1-2, ЛМП 114/1-2

Papier-mâche, lacquer, tempera, melted gold, miniature painting

5х14,5 cm

Lacquer department

I.V. Markichev together with other Palekh masters (including I.M. Bakanov, A.V. and V.V. Kotukhin, A.I. and I.I. Zubkov, I.P. Vakurov, A.A. Dydykin, D.N. Butorin, A.I. Vatagin) formed the new style of Palekh art that became internationally renowned. He was one of the founders of the Palekh Group of Old Art in 1924.

Former icon-painters quickly mastered new work foundation and connected miniature painting with the three-dimensional form of papier-mâché objects: jewelry boxes, cases for glasses and cigarettes, bead boxes, powder boxes, and stationery. An important feature of these works was the finest golden ornament that emphasized the form of the object and corresponded to the depicted subject. Palekh artists highly valued the black background that amplified the artistic power of colours, played the role of a pause between different compositional elements and added to its rhythmic organization. After being covered by varnish, the black background gave the image depth and space. These traditional elements of Palekh miniature painting made it a unique technique, whilst his imaginary concepts of the works were closely connected to Palekh icon-painting art.