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Photo images can be seen on different materials, ranging from silvered copper plates, glass, paper and fabric, to the computer screen. The digital photography left us with a pure image in the modern world. The life of photography on paper to can only be found in magazines or at exhibitions.

But there is one more sphere in the life of photography which is rarely associated with the aesthetical and that successful exploits the ability to place images on unconventional bases. Today we have a full-fledged industry engaged in customizing everyday objects, t-shirts and jugs with photos printed on them have passed a long way to the conceptualization of the difference between the image and its carrier.

This ubiquitous technology no longer draws anybody's attention, and it is to be placed in the context of exhibition space to reveal its new quality. Young photographers have focused precisely on the material photographs are printed on within the framework of this project.

Many exhibits of this show are intended for consumption, and they will be sold at the Art Saves Art auction to be held on June 11. The revenue received will fund the restoration of one object from the collection of the Museum. The game nature of the show will be emphasized by the opening of it – a picnic organized in the court of the Osterman-Tolstoy, which houses the Museum, in partnership with W-O-S.

Curators: Anton Zabrodin, Sonya Gimon
Parallel Program Curator: Darya Kravchuk