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It is a mutual exhibition project of the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art and the Abramtsevo State History, Art and Literature Museum Preserve.

Abramtsevo is an amazingly poetic and creation inspiring place in the Moscow region. It has been a focus of pilgrimage, a place where artists work and live for more than 130 years already. Everything started in 1880s when the new owners of the old estate, Savva and Yelizaveta Mamontov came to live there. They were able to attract the best Russian artists of the late XIX- early XX centuries to this humble but incredibly cozy and beautiful place. The creative atmosphere of this estate promoted the emergence of artworks that are regarded as the classics of Russian art.

Some of these artworks stayed at the estate, and the museum preserve created here is proud of them. Others found their way to many museums in Russia and aboard. One of the largest (besides that of the Museum Preserve itself) collections of decorative art created in Abramtsevo is kept at the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. This exhibition offers us a rare opportunity to present both collections which in many ways complement each other. This display is the first of this kind.

The display is divided into several major sections reflecting the diverse activities of the Abramtsevo Art Circle

These are, first and foremost, furniture pieces produced after the designs by Ye. D. Polenova, N. Ya. Davydova, V. M. Vasnetsov in the period from 1880s to 1920s. Many of them are displayed for the first time. This section is amplified with the original sketches for wood carving by Ye. D. Polenova and A. S. Mamontova.

The main sensation of the show is holy doors manufactured at the Abramtsevo carpentry shop which are displayed for the first time after the 2nd All-Russian Crafts exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1913. They are an exact copy of the famous XVI century holy doors from the St. Nicholas Church on the Ishna River near Rostov Veliky. In the course of many decades the holy doors were kept dissembled and could not be displayed for viewing. The restoration experts of our museum are preparing them for display at present. The section of the show devote to the clerical line in the Abramtsevo studio work is accompanied with watercolor architecture designs and sketches of decorations for the Abramtsevo estate church made by V. D. Polenov and V. M. Vasnetsov.

The architecture section of the show features I. P. Ropet and V. M. Vasnetsov design drafts for the Abramtsevo estate buildings, and the model of the House on Chicken Legs.

The theater section displays designs of costumes and stage sets produced by V. D. Polenov and V. M. Vasnetsov for the performances of the Private Russian Opera.

The work of the Abramtsevo ceramic studio is represented by the creations of M. A. Vrubel and A. Ya. Golovin, the canonic examples of the Russian Art Nouveau.

The display is amplified with unique photo materials from the collection of the Moscow Crafts Museum which fruitfully cooperated with the Abramtsevo studios.