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"KRFTWRK" by Rainer Prohaska is a parallel project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, and a project of the Austrian Cultural Season in Russia 2013/14

"KRFTWRK" by Rainer Prohaska is a cooperation of: BMUKK (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture) and All-Russian Decorative Applied and Folk Art Museum Moscow.

Curators: Karin Zimmer, Daria Kravtshuk

OPENING - 19:00

About the project:

"KRFTWRK" is a social-political statement and an ironic comment on current phenomenona like production and waste of electricity in industrial states, and overweight and lack of fitness of its population.

The target of "KRFTWRK" is to create a consciousness towards these topics with artistic measures in the fields of architecture, installation, net art and fine art.

The ambition of the simulated and faked company "KRFTWRK" is the planning and realization of a new generation of industrial plants, which gain electric energy by muscle-power and chemical processes of human bodies.

Since "KRFTWRK" was created in 2006 by the artist Rainer Prohaska, activities like lectures, exhibitions, workshops and installations had been done worldwide.

For the 5 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, an interactive installation at the All-Russian Decorative - Applied and Folk Art Museum is planned. Essentially, the installation will be a simple power-plant, which produces electricity out of movements of the audience, who are visiting the exhibition.

The audience will have to move water from a ground to a top basin. Then, the water in the top basin function as potential energy, which will be frequently transformed into kinetic energy and furthermore into electricity, by powering a turbine, which is connected to a generator. A physical process, which can be found in 'reservoir power stations'.

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