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Curators: Sofia Gavrilova, Daria Kravchuk



Sofia Gavrilova, Anna Zhykova, Alla Afonina, Maria Rojkova, Aleksej Korsi, Tatiana Suschenkova, Olga Adrianova, Ekaterina Zorinova, Anna Antonova

Opening: 24th of September, 6 p.m.

About project:

Visual anthropology is a field of science, which has been known as an independent scientific research method. During 20th-21st century many artists addressed methodology of visual anthropology in their works in order to reflect artistic and conceptual comprehension of peculiarities of human behavior in different socio-cultural situations.

One of the pioneers of introduction of visual anthropology in contemporary Russian art was Vladimir Kupriyanov, Russian artist and photographer. For 5 years Vladimir Kupriyanov together with students from the Rodchenko Moscow School of photography and multimedia went on expeditions to different regions of Russia to explore the peculiarities of habitation of people and adaptation of traditions of nations in today context with the help of modern mediums. Results of expeditions were always documented as expositions in local museums, as publications in almanacs and catalogues, as exhibitions in Moscow museums and art spaces.

Udmurtia is one of the most interesting and the least studied regions of Russia. This region, where pagan rites are as strong as orthodoxy, has a strong influence from Muslim regions.

In Udmurtia the percentage of suicides is very high, wherein creative activity of the young generation is very high; national identity is very strong, wherein mixing of udmurts with other peoples is very noticeable.

This exhibition reflects the study of traditional culture of Udmurtia, modern regional problems and mode of life with the help of contemporary media – photo and video materials. It's planned to include the objects from museum collection in the exhibit; this mix of traditional objects together with works of young contemporary artists will allow to reflect culture of Udmurtia in the most complete way and to emphasize the connection between generations.

The parallel program of the exhibition will include the following: presentation of almanacs, lecture of Alexander Uminov (State Center of contemporary art, Nizhny Novgorod) and discussion on the theme "Representation of traditional cultural in the contemporary context", artist talks, concert of contemporary udmurt music.