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Igor Starkov and Daria Andreeva"Kalevala.Research» 6 - 25 December, 2013   Kalevala - a settlement in the north of Karelia , named in honor of the national epic, which is mainly composed of runes collected at these locations Finnish linguist and doctor Elias Lönnrot . Epic tells of the exploits of heroes and life of ancient heroes Karels, especially about family life , rituals and conspiracies. As a result, the Karelian epic went into the foundation of the Finnish nation , and in their place of origin - left point on the map where artists Igor Starkov and Daria Andreeva found traces of cultural memory . In the exhibition "Kalevala" enters a series of photographs and the film shot during the expedition to Karelia in winter 2013. Photos and video talk about modern life in Kalevala , in which artists find echoes of the ancient epic for today's way of life Karelian village . There is a boatman , who is associated with the main hero of the epic Vyaynyameyenom and blacksmith tools which could be an instrument of Ilmarinen , Bound magic Sampo source of happiness . In the forest near the village lies a huge rock - not whether it Vyaĭnyamëĭnen had to grind for maidens of the North? Igor Starkov , " The epic was cut from the world of these people and it is back after a few laps in a few centuries , is not going anywhere , and now coexists with returning heroic clone. Myth always repeats is life and life is like a myth , creating a new myth - to create a new life. Until Kalevala hard to get , which is why it is the ideal place to study the interaction between myth and life. In the end , the trip was successful experiment ." Exhibition "Kalevala" and complement the exhibits from the collection VMDPNI : Karelian folk embroidery on fabric , sketches of traditional patterns , utensils , as well as archival photographs taken in an expedition to the Karelian ASSR in 1963.