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Unfortunately, most contemporary children and teenagers cannot imagine their life without computers, smartphones and other gadgets, but their grannies and grandfathers remember well unsophisticated wooden toys with simple mechanisms. Children and grownups visiting the Bogorodskoye Poem show will discover the amazing world of carved Bogorodskoye toys, the world many generations grew in. This craft can be regarded as a unique phenomenon of Russian culture with the history that exceeds 300 years.

The visitors of the show will be able to see more than 170 samples of the Bogorodskoye XIX–XX centuries carving from the collection of the museum which counts among the best in the country. Man and Bear is still viewed as the icon of the craft, while Smiths were the first moving toy. Artfully carved wooden figures of the man and the bear hammer on the anvil taking turns if you move the rod back and forth. Hens, a toy the late XVIII century children played with, is also regarded as traditional. The exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity to expose a new generation to national history and traditions manifested in a comprehensible world of toys, and offers grownups a chance to make a trip to their childhood. During the days of the New Year holidays young visitors can take part in a large program featuring tours and master classes.

The history of the Bogorodskoye craft and its emergence is associated with the city of Sergiyev Posad not far from the Bogorodskoye village where trade in wood products flourished in the XVII–XVIII centuries. This is the period when “Bogorodskoye classics” appeared (figurines of horses, lions, hens, peasants). Since the second half of the XIX century carvers have started to produce more sophisticated compositions featuring, for instance, several figures or finer carving. Having initially emerged in the peasants’ milieu, Bogorodskoye toys gradually embraced urban traditions, and later the products of craftsmen reflected crucial events of various epochs, such as the civil war, the exploration of the North and industrialization, the WWII victory, space exploration, the Olympics, etc.

The show will present large-scale compositions of the early XX century, including: King Louis Walk, Stages of Human Life, Bears Wedding, The Mice are Burying the Cat, and other prominent works, such as The Swan, the Crawfish and the Pike, The Battle of Yeruslan Lazarevich and Firedrake, Champions of Peace, The Space has been Explored, Troika.

An important part of the exhibition is formed by the works of the craftsmen families of XIX–XX centuries – Stulovs, Zinins, Yeroshkins, Puchkovs, Badayevs, and craftsmen  V. T. Polinov, M. Ya. Dvornikov, N. M. Shipeyev, M. I. Smirnov, N. I. Maksimov, A. A. Pronin, M. F. Barinov, N. Ye. Levin, V. K. Shalayev, P. Balandin, N. N. Badayev, and others. The contemporary section will present artworks by modern authors: A. N. Varganov, S. N. Ulasevich, S. A. Pautov, Ya. V. Arshinov, V. F. Vaisero. Besides the representation of fund collections, the museum also plans to display the best samples of modern Bogorodskoye plastic from the personal collections of different authors selected for this show.

The Bogorodskoye Poem show is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bogorodskoye cooperative – the development and the growth of the craft is associated with this institution.

Curator: Olga Kuznetsova, Custodian of the Wood Department at the Museum.