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Art by Luba Sterlikova (USA) and Valera Martynchik (UK)

July 10- August 4, 2014

The exhibit is featuring paintings, sculpture, video and interactive installations.

Exhibit Curator - Vitaly Patsyukov

The concept of multidimensionality derives from contemporary physics while at the same time being widely employed in the imagery of avant-garde culture. This concept carries both the opposition and the unity of artistic and connotative coordinates and contains a veritable multidimensional universe of the kind which has always been a dream for alternative art and in which the latest scientific technologies are now immersed.

The art of the participants in this project Luba Sterlikova and Valera Martynchik is associated with the intersection points where image and concept meet in the context of visual and conceptual field. The strategies of these artists have long been engaged in a friendly creative dialogue thus developing a new artistic system which is in keeping with the principles of “surplus element” declared by Albert Einstein and Kazimir Malevich back in the early 20th century.

 For Martynchik multidimensionality means not only a certain state of the art world but also a presence of surplus forms produced by our civilization obeying the constantly multiplying world of consumer goods.

The highly visual art of Luba Sterlikova is focused on so-called cosmological “events” and a search for their “horizons”, to use a term from modern physics, to establish their energy levels and inter-relationships.

 The artists of the “Multidimensions” project are primarily concerned with the phenomenon of “super-personal” energies and strive to visualize the apparently inexpressible situations by combining in their technique both sensual and intellectual instrumentality.

 This variability of the methods employed by Luba Sterlikova and Valera Martynchik and the new optics and new reality born as a result of their creative experiments allow us to designate their artistic trend as “multidimensionality”.

 The exhibit is presented by the Inspired by Russia Art Project.

Opening Reception – July 10,2014 at 6 p.m.

Luba Sterlikova, USA

 Born in Moscow, 1956.

Works in Washington, London and Moscow.

Participated in over 80 exhibits in Russia, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Founder of the Inspired by Russia Art Project.

Selected exhibits:

2013    ‘Cultural Heritage. Contemporary Vector’,  Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia

2012       ‘Light, Color, Shape’, Ratner Museum, Washington, USA

2012       ‘Women in the Arts 2012’, Museum of Americas, Miami, USA

2012    ‘Innergism’,  Parish gallery,  Washington, DC, USA

2011       ‘Inspired by Russia’, The State Art Museum, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

2009    ‘Poster: Artist and Time’, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Works are in the museum and private collections in America, Europe and Asia.


Valera Martynchik, UK

Born in Belarus,1948

1972   Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Minsk.

1977  The founder and curator of “Forma” - the first independent group of underground artists in Belarus.

Since 1990 lives in London

Selected exhibitions:

2014  Albemarle Gallery, London, UK

2013-Albemarle Gallery, London, UK

2013  ‘Cultural Heritage. Contemporary Vector,  Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia

2011  Pink-Floyed reception, O-2 Arena, London

2010  MTV Award reception, Madrid, Spain

2008  Galery Ivana Morozoff, Brussels, Belgium

1994  Galery Basmajian, Paris, France

1990  Olimpia Art fair, London, UK

1988  The First festival of the Soviet Underground Art, Narva, Estonia

1987  Museum Kadriorg, Tallin, Estonia


Works are in the private collections in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.