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10.02.2016 — 28.02.2016

Алексей Чаругин. Рыбачок (диптих). 2012. Холст, масло

Алексей Чаругин. Первая рыбка (диптих). 2012. Холст, масло

Алексей Чаругин. Лето. 2015. Холст, масло


«Our friend Larionov»

7-28 February 2016

All-Russian Decorative Art museum in cooperation with the children's charity «Life Line Fund» presents the exhibition "Our friend Larionov" in Moscow.

Handling of several British artists - Billy Childish,  Edgeworth Johnstone and tandem «Harry Adams» (under the pseudonym of this joint work by Stephen Lowe and Adam Wood) - for inspiration to the figure of Mikhail Larionov looks quite revealing. Not only because Larionov was in 1900 – 1910s one of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde, whose significance for the art is still questionless. What is more important in this situation, that Larionov’s artistic strategy is much broader and more complicated than ordinary avant-garde.

A major factor in the creative biography of Mikhail Larionov was his passion for the visual urban folklore, popular print, aesthetics provincial signage and posters, imaginative children's drawing. And that passion for children's creativity and was the starting point for the children's charity "Lifeline" to present the exhibition "Our friend Larionov" in Moscow.

For «Harry Adams», Billy Childish and Edgeworth Johnstone are also important figures of old avant-garde, for example, artists from German projects of the early twentieth century, «The Bridge» and «The Blue Rider» .

From the Russian side is the art project "Together". The exhibition includes works by Moscow artists - Anna Birstein, Catherine Kornilova, Maria Suvorova, Alexei Charugin.