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A permanent exhibition of Russian lacquer miniature opened in the museum in May 2014. The exhibition tells the visitors about the origins of this unique phenomenon of the Russian culture and its development for over two centuries. Four museum halls will feature more than 300 works by the masters from the centers of Russian lacquer painting – Fedoskino, Palekh, Mstera, and Kholuy.

Besides traditional lacquer miniatures from the museum collection that have already been shown during home and foreign projects, the exhibition will feature the articles that have never been seen by the public before.

Russian lacquer painting is a gem of the world culture. It has inherited and developed the best creative achievements of the East and the West, has enriched them with national identity, depth of images, and perfection of technique. Having embraced the best and most interesting international trends, Russian masters never copied other works, but always brought something new into their art.

Unlike other arts, Russian lacquer painting never went through the "propaganda" period. Everyday motifs poeticized by the artists and expressed by them in creative forms reflected the rhythms of their time and the eternal beauty of the universe even in the most tragic periods.

The main peculiar feature of Russian lacquer painting is the esthetics of everyday common life. The history of the country, literary works by Russian and foreign authors, poetry, fairy tales as the essence of folk wisdom, and the complicated world of people's wishes and desires – all these motifs found their expression in Russian lacquer painting.