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Museum Departments

The fund departments of the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art are structured according to the nature and material of artworks collected and kept by the museum. Thus, the Department of Metal and Stone, the Department of Glass, the Department of Ceramics, the Department of Textile, the Department of Lacquer Miniature, the Department of Woodwork and Bone Work have existed since the very inception of the museum. A big collection of archive materials is concentrated in the Science Archive of the museum. The Visual Materials Department created in 1994 has a remarkable collection of authored painting and graphics, works of artists active in diverse genres of decorative and applied art.

The museum is proud of its Rare Books Department where unique printed materials on the core sphere of the museum collection are kept. The library of our museum has a detailed collection of small and large editions on decorative & applied art formed in the course of recent decades.

The wonderful collection of the museum was shaped in the course of thirty years: we conducted numerous field studies, artworks were purchased or arrived as gifts from private collectors, artists active in decorative and applied art, and from masters of local crafts, they were transferred to our museum by the Ministry of Culture.

The staff of our funds is researching and describing objects kept, and most of them belong to the national heritage of Russia.

In 1999 the Culture Ministry transferred the exhibits of the Museum of Folk Art (the former Crafts Museum of the Moscow Zemstvo founded by S. T. Morozov) and of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry to our museum. These exhibits were distributed among core departments. Since that time the staff of our funds has undertaken an incredibly labor consuming effort to describe and register all the objects of museum value which arrived from the museum in the Leontyevsky Avenue.

The Department of Scientific Restoration is conducting huge work. Most of its staff workers are restoration artists of the highest category, having a wealth of experience and high reputation in the museum community of Russia. The museum regularly holds restoration sessions, and the efforts of the Restoration Department experts help keep the objects of museum value in their original beauty.

The collection of our museum comprises 200,000 objects of museum value at present.