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Metal and Stone Department

At present, the collection of metal and stone has more than 16,000 objects of museum value. Chronologically, the collection covers the period from the XVII century to our days.

The XVII century is marked as the starting point, for this is the period when artistic and stylistic traits of the Russian artistic metalwork and the main technologies used in its decoration were established.

collection of artistic works in metal and stone is grouped according to the material used, such as products made of iron, cast iron, steel, copper, brass, tin, bronze, enamel, stone, including the jewelry department, containing personal adornment, and the fund of objects in precious metals (silver, gold).

The collection of artistic metalwork includes one of the best collections of samovars, of artistic cast iron products from the Urals, lacquer on metal decoration (Nizhnii Tagil, Zhostovo), small cult sculpture in copper, the artistic niello on silver from Ustyug ("the North Niello"), and Kubachi.

Exhibits from the collection of artistic works in metal and stone help follow the evolution in the types of objects used in the course of three centuries and changes in their decoration from the XVII to the early XXI century.

The collection represents famous Russian centers, companies and studios involved in the production of artistic works in metal and stone, the early samples of authored artworks and the creations of artists whose works formed remarkable pages in the history of Russian decorative and applied art.