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Rare Books Department

The Scientific Department of the Rare Books Fund was created on the basis of the Science Library of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry organized on the basis of the Trade and Industry Museum of Local Craft Products (Museum of Folk Arts later).

As early as in the first decade of the XX century this museum had a large fund of product samples and a unique library of publications on folk art which provided the basis for further development, both for the collections of the museum, and for the library of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry.

Rare editions on decorative, applied and folk art, on local crafts form the basis of the collection. But its unique editions on archeology, ethnology, folklore, painting, graphics, drawing, glyptic, popular print, art history, the history of primitive art, heraldry, icon painting, fresco painting, wall painting, mosaic, the history of architecture, sculpture, etc. are no less important. It contains a large reference department, containing encyclopedias and dictionaries.