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Museum Enlighten center

The Museum Enlightenment Center of the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art has been working successfully for more than a decade. Its goal is to make the visitor of our museum familiar with the world of decorative, applied and folk art of the XVII–XXI centuries.

One of the main lines in its work is devoted to traditional peasant art. Coming into direct contact with authentic works, with the aesthetical structure of folk art, the participants of our programs discover common human values (love for nature, for your family, for the land of your ancestors) underlying the traditional culture, and that is especially important today.

The programs of the Research and Enlightenment Center are unique, they have been developed by the research fellows of the Museum, using original methods they authored, and these methods were adapted for visitors of all age groups.

Sessions are held in the form of a dialogue, in live interaction with objects. It makes an extensive use not only of the main display of the Museum and the wealth of our funds, but it also relies on our collection of toys. The very organization of aesthetical space will help participants feel the spirit of the epoch or cultural tradition revealed in the program.

Sessions always involve elements of games and theatrical performances, individual creative activities in the studio.