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Woodwork and Bone Work Department

A considerable part of woodwork and bone work collection was purchased from private owners, collectors, at folk local crafts enterprises, and from famous masters of traditional crafts. The staff of the department conducted 10 scientific field studies in the Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Nizhnii Novgorod (Gorky then) regions and Karelia that allowed to significantly expand the museum collection of folk artworks.

At different time the collections of toys gathered by Yu. N. Polivanov (an artist and art director of Malysh Publishers) and G. V. Chernopyatova (an artist of the House of Fashion at the Kuznetsky Most street), the collection of ritual sculpture and cult objects of the Amur Region people gathered by A. Ya. Chadayeva (who authored books on the traditional culture of these peoples), products of Gorky (Nizhnii Novgorod now) region local crafts from the collection of V. M. Vishnevskaya (an art historian at the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry), objects of Russian folk art from the collection of Yu. A. Arbat (a writer and author of books on folk art) were added to the funds of the Museum.

Chronologically the collection covers the period from the XVII century to our days and counts more than 30,000 objects.

The collection of woodwork is divided into several major funds: the Fund of Household Objects, Utensils and Products of Traditional Local Crafts; The Fund of Folk Icons, Temple Sculpture and Small Plastics; the Fund of Furniture Art; the Fund of Toys and Sculpture; the Fund of Local Crafts of the Ethnic Regions of Russia; the Fund of Artistic Bone Work.