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Publications in Partnership with All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art
  1. Yusupov Porcelain. The Products of the Prince N. B. Yusupov Porcelain Enterprise in Arkhangelskoye/ RF Ministry of Culture, Arkhangelskoye State Museum Estate [Berezhnaya, N. L. (text, compilation); Sipovskaya, N.V. ed.] Pinakoteka, Moscow, 2009, 328 p., b&w, col. Il.
  2. Victory. The Style of the Epoch. 1945-1955. The Exhibition of May 7 – September 15, 2010. Catalogue album/Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War [Astrankhantseva, T. L. ed.] Arsis Books, Moscow, 2010, 176 p., col. Il.
  3. Peter Carl Fabergé and Masters of Stone Carving. Semi-Precious and Precious Stone Treasures of Russia [the exhibition of April 8 –July 24, 2011] / RF Ministry of Culture, State History and Culture Museum Preserve of the Moscow Kremlin [Muntyan, T. ed.] KEM Printers, Moscow, 2011, 352 p. b&w, col. Il.
  4. The Mystery of Nativity. Nativity Scenes in the Traditional Napoli Culture of the XVIII century [exhibition catalogue] Muzzi, Rossana ed., Fondazione Internazionale Accademia Arco, Pragmatica Edizioni, 2011, 144 p., col. Il.
  5. Yegorov, A., Zhuromsky, K. (2011) Nicolai Liberich. Sculpture and Graphics. Our Art, Moscow, 2011, 320 p. b&w, col. Il.