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The Museum Director

Титова Е.В.Dear friends and colleagues,

In the 21st century the Museum must re-conceptualize its mission and its values, declare its position in the contemporary world, learn to work with new audiences, apply new technologies. At the same time our museum is an institution with a valuable traditional structure which should preserve and promote the collection of splendid applied art products from different epochs. We are striving for the productive combination of contemporary global trends, and well-formed traditions of a national museum.

The Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art is experiencing the stage of great transformations at present. Our priorities now include the expansion of access to the Museum collections, to its research, the expansion of the permanent display, and we believe that our mission is to study and to broadcast to the future generations the aesthetical culture of the past, to develop artistic abilities and tastes in the wide public, to promote national pride and historical responsibility.

We want our museum to be an inspiring site for people of diverse interests and ages, and for the professional community. We are always happy to show our collections to you, to learn your ideas, and to implement fascinating projects together.

Director of the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art
Yelena Titova