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All-Russian decorative art museum was founded in 1981. Currently, the museum collection has 240 thousand exhibits. Important role in the preservation of the unique collection of the museum belongs to the department of scientific restoration, created in conjunction with the museum itself. Many restorers took part in the formation of the museum's collection, working in scientific expeditions in various regions of Russia. Some of the exhibits in the museum received in a ruined and unusable condition to be exhibited. Only thanks to the creative, hard work of scientific restoration specialists today they can enjoy the museum visitors.


Exhibition "Travel in style and without" like a theatrical scenery, telling the history of things without which no cost, no trip of Russian and European intellectuals and the common people from the XIX century to the present day was possible. In five halls of the museum visitors will see the famous collection of travel bags and suitcases by Alexander Petlyury, models of ships ,airships, airplanes, trains and stagecoaches, authentic maps of XVIII century of Andrew Kusakin collection, interior items from the collection of David Yakobashvili, as well as clothing, shoes and other accessories travelers. The exposition also includes unique items from the museum: metal sculptures by Lanceray, amazing chests and boxes XVII - XIX centuries, kettles, samovars, horse accessories, wicker boxes and much more. Audio and multimedia support will plunge into the exciting atmosphere of adventure.


March 22 at All-Russian Decorative Art Museum begins the exhibition "Design and traditions of archaic forms", organized jointly with the creative team "Workshop - taf " under the guidance of Professor Alexander MARCHI Yermolayeva. Based on museum collections and a collection of peasant protodesign workshop exhibition aims to reveal not quite obvious links modern design with traditional Russian traditions subject of creativity and show full restrained beauty items residential Appliances having intelligent and persuasive device functionality. Items are made in different materials: wood, ceramics, metal, glass.