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In the exhibition and an exclusive edition for the first time will be represented 32 sheet of author's drawing in the technique of "ink, pen", the creation of which is dated to the Year of Literature. Graphic series was created by the talented Moscow artist Vadim Andreev (1962 - 2014).


The exhibition "Garments made of rainbow and silver" presents clothes and jewelry of the small Guigzhou Province nationalities. The exhibition will feature 111 exhibits - costumes and silver accessories - from the Museum of Guigzhou Province.


During the several centuries, the fan was considered a luxury item, instrument of flirtation, craftiness and affectation.

The exhibition presents 38 showpieces XVIII - XX centuries masters of France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and Russia.


In the announced in Russia Year of Literature the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum for the first time, will host an exhibition of book illustrations miniature artists. Artists working in the book illustration , make tangible events and characters. The goal of the exhibition is to show a little-known facet of the work of artists working in renowned centers of lacquer miniature. To attract the attention of publishers and general readers.


From 20 to 22 November 2015 in the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art will take place, which has already become an annual music festival "Music of the times." Built on the principle of the dual combination of different musical aspects of this year's festival is dedicated to the theme "Dialogue" and is conducted jointly with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva".


The idea of the project - in the material embodiment of the intellectual " inspiration ", as a special gift, the artist turns to the medium, a mediator between the worlds.