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Exhibition dedicated to the 185th anniversary of birth of the outstanding Russian jeweler Paul Akimovich Ovchinnikov (1830-1888), that introduces unrivaled in technique vase created in gold and silver by Ovchinnikov company at the beginning of the XX century. "The exhibition of one object" allows with an example of this unique work to show the depth and diversity of the traditions of Russian jewelry school, demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship that has been made in the domestic gold and silver art of the beginning of the last century.


The work of artists, written specifically for the holiday carnival, create an atmosphere of fun, joy and folk Shrovetide festivities based on folk tales and legends. Nikolay and Ekaterina work in their own unique style, which is called "fairy realism". On their canvases coexist fictional characters and fairy tales, mythological and folkloric themes which are confered with symbolic meaning. Their creativity they compare with "carved Time - forgotten art, wielding that can portray those who know the laws of time and is not subject to him." In each picture there are rhythms of the universe, and each captivates as an open window into space.


The Museum opened workshops where everyone can get skills in various fields of arts and crafts - ceramics, enamels, engravings, under the guidance of an experienced master.


"Handmade in Germany" is displaying masterpieces of 150 German manufactories, artisans and designers.


The idea of the exhibition has grown from a very personal seria of Olga Orlova-Pluzhnikov dedicated to the author's favorite accessories - shoes. Each pair on canvas, whether expensive boats from the "Galeries Lafayette" or simply felt boots like "Goodbye youth" are equally dear to her and kept to this day. All they entered the gallery favorite accessories, each of which is associated with thrilling memories, travel, meetings and partings, as often indicate the names of works.


On the last day of Maslenitsa week we are waiting for you and your children to a puppet play with live music "Shrovetide" In an atmosphere of fun and bright carnival celebration you will learn a lot about ancient rituals and traditions of Shrovetide.