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It is a museum in the second half of the XX century both in Europe and in Russia, becoming one of the main tourist routes. For example, the Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art - the only museum in Russia, bringing together the funds of Russian art XVIII - XXI centuries., Excellent regional collections of folk art, a number of unique exhibits, monuments of national art, having not only a nationwide, but also global significance.


We will go through the halls of the exhibition in search of the heavenly garden, an echo of which were flowers, living in earthly things. We will see different ways of processing things floral motifs, their existence in different styles and variations of the creative imagination. The meeting participants will have the opportunity to take a fresh look to your home decor flower Museum - Zhostov trays, Gzhel pottery, antique boxes and fans. The lecture is a professor of the Russian State Humanitarian University, author of the website "Gardens and time" Boris Sokolov