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Museum Friends

The Club of Museum Friends has been created at our Museum. By getting the status of the Museum Friend, you support the only museum in Russia with the largest collection of Russia's decorative and applied art of the XVIII-XX centuries. The status of the Museum Friend gives you privileged access to the events and program of the Museum, and implies a certain position in respect to the Museum and the promotion of its interests. Your membership of the Club of Museum Friends manifests your affiliation with the group of people and institutions tied together by the common interest in the world of art and culture.

You can acquire the status of the Museum Friend by purchasing an individual membership card. The price of the card is determined by the degree of privileges offered by the Museum. A student card, for instance, costs 1500 rubles, while the price of a patron's card is 60,000 rubles.

Joining the Club of Museum Friends you guarantee a prosperous future for our museum!

To get more information about the Club, the price of cards and membership privileges, download this file.