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Sponsorship at the Museum

Only the generous support of our sponsors and patrons makes it possible for the Museum to carry out a number of projects outlined in the Museum Development Concept. On its part, the Museum offers its sponsors a number of services aimed to establish mutually beneficial sponsorship relations.

At present the Museum is interested in accepting sponsor funding to carry out the following projects:

  • the restoration and maintenance of the Osterman Mansion, a landmark of the late XVIII-XX centuries architecture which houses the Museum, in appropriate state;
  • infrastructure projects at the Museum to create: a co-working center, a lecture hall, the modernization of our library;
  • service projects to create a cafeteria and a shop at the Museum;
  • sponsor support of exhibition, research and enlightenment projects.

A part of sponsor funding can function as an investment.

We shall be glad to answer all your questions and discuss the details of our potential cooperation. Contact us in any way that is convenient for you.

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