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At present the furniture set of a shop, featuring cabinet vitrines of various sizes and configurations and counters in Neo-Classical style, is a unique piece of furniture made for this purpose. During the last 10–15 years, all the interiors of the central Moscow confectioneries (and other shops) designed in the late 1940s – early 1950s in the same style were destroyed. The fate of their furniture and decoration remains unknown.

These interiors were made after the drafts of the major architects of the period. To create the aesthetical image of the cabinet vitrines, early XX century architectural Neo-Classical effect, (well-formed cornices, pilasters, bow window like elements) were used. The composition of furniture pieces followed the laws of architecture. Furniture was decorated with precious wood, imitation gold sculptured ornaments, rich brass fittings. One should remember that mass produced furniture in the USSR could not boast diversity and brilliant ideas. The best furniture pieces of the Soviet period were created for public interiors that served as the standard of style for the period. And that is what defines the value and the importance of this interior set for the collection of our museum.

This furniture came to the museum as a gift of Marina Vladimirovna Meledina. 


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